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This is the final line up for my collection. I tried to incorporate more of the blue fabric to add some depth the the collection, seen in some new garments as well as a trim detail.  After talking with Sara I also wanted to play with some of the lengths to vary them a bit, as well as push the mixing of my hand knits.  I may still work on some things, but overall I'm fairly happy with this.

I also added this quick document I made while trying to figure out what to do because I know my picture/light quality isn't great in my apartment. I think it's also good to look at because you can see what changes I worked on.

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Line Up

Here is my line up for my collection. I worked with a few designs from last week, but most are newer silhouettes. Like I said last week, I wanted to focus more on feminine silhouettes since it's not something I usually do. I did this by focusing on a defining waistline, whether with tailoring or with a belt on looser items.

I also tried to focus on my division idea through the use of mixing soft knits with wovens, and also pairing boning with my knits. I want to keep working on these looks to try and make them more cohesive, as well as try some variations in length.

The rendering on my garments is kind of rough and harder to make out in these images. A lot of my fabrics are light and airy, so I think it still fits in with my summer collection. I think for my final figures I want to try playing around with with hand rendering along with digital because even though I love to hand render I think my interesting textures in my knits could really benefits from being digitally rendered.

I've also included a final line up of my fabrics that correspond with what I have drawn above.

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Initial Design & Process

I wanted to start with updating my initial research boards. I adjusted the colors slightly and added some florals to make it seem more like a spring/summer collection (the colors look a little off from my photoshop file though). I also decided to create a muse to give myself more of a sense of direction with the collection. I have also included a photo of some potential fabrics for the collection (not sure if all will be used though). Theres is a couple different linens and linen knits, paired with some lighter weight wovens, and a couple of novelty type fabrics.


Here are some of my processes pages. I have a few more designs that I chose not to upload. I am still working on designing some more, but I think these are good for an initial idea. What I like to do it design a few things and then build off of those few things to make different variations. I was also trying to focus mostly on silhouette since that it something that was unclear last week. This is why the design ideas are pretty limited so far. I plan on designing more jackets and layers this week.

So, I chose Iceland as my inspiration, but this was more for the surface design aspects. I decided for my shape details that I really wanted to focus on the division idea more. I achieved this by pairing my knits with my wovens in the same looks and garments. A few of the designs focus on this more literally through the use of panels separating textures from each other.

I also decided to do some market research to help with my silhouette choices. I noticed a lot of very feminine looks, which I was very drawn too. I usually am one to focus on harder silhouettes and thought it would be a great challenge for me and also this collection. Iceland is such a harsh environment so using the landscapes as my surface design inspiration, I thought it would be kind of neat to mesh these kind of haphazard knits with more feminine looks.

I really wanted to focus on my samples for this collection more than I have in my past. I created a few knit samples of my own as well as embroidering some swatches I bought with yarn. The last photo in the above gallery shows all of my samples I have so far (I'm also working on my own jacquard). Starting in the left top corner, I took a rib knit swatch I had and embroidered in the detail with a bulky cotton yarn. Below that Is a sample I made with various different yarn sizes, mostly composed of cotton. To the right, on the bottom, is a linen knit swatch I embroidered in a haphazard pattern with embroidery thread. Above that is a hand knit swatch, using cotton thread as well as a small cream colored embroidery thread, giving it an interesting texture. Lastly, the top right is a regular garter stitch made with a multicolored thread.

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Initial Research & Design - Title TBD

This ready-to-wear women's collection is directly inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. It will be a summer collection with transitional pieces focusing heavily on knitwear. Iceland has a very unique landscape, most of which is uninhabited. It has a high level of geothermal activity as it is made from many volcanic hotspots, this  makes for a striking color in the volcanic landscapes. A lot of my inspiration for this collection comes not only in the opposing colors, but also in the opposing landscapes themselves. Hot, bright lava flows are seen cascading down landscapes of stark white. Icy, grey waters are seen crashing on shores of black sand.  Even the country itself is in opposition. Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, which is slowly pulling the halves of the country in opposite directions, as each side sits on a different tectonic plate. I want to work this idea of opposition into my collection, perhaps in the mixing of different yarn sizes, or pairing soft knits with more rigid and structured pieces.


The colors of this collection focus on the natural colors of the Icelandic landscape, from the arctic tundras to the geothermic pools. This opposition of cold and warm colors works well with my theme. Also, by using shades of blues and oranges they still complement each other enough to work with a cohesive collection.

I haven't included any fabrics here because I have not yet received them. I want to work with lighter weight fabrics for this summer collection as well as some medium to heavier weights for bottoms and transitional pieces. I really enjoy hand knitting and will be incorporating that into the knitwear aspect of the collection. Here I have a few samples, I'm not sure if I will be using them or not, but I like the initial idea of them. I need to go buy some more yarn to match with more colors of my collection.


I like the effect of using the different needle sizes in this sample, it makes a cool effect for an edge as well. 


This sample shows the idea of using two different yarn sizes.

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