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Initial Design & Process

I wanted to start with updating my initial research boards. I adjusted the colors slightly and added some florals to make it seem more like a spring/summer collection (the colors look a little off from my photoshop file though). I also decided to create a muse to give myself more of a sense of direction with the collection. I have also included a photo of some potential fabrics for the collection (not sure if all will be used though). Theres is a couple different linens and linen knits, paired with some lighter weight wovens, and a couple of novelty type fabrics.


Here are some of my processes pages. I have a few more designs that I chose not to upload. I am still working on designing some more, but I think these are good for an initial idea. What I like to do it design a few things and then build off of those few things to make different variations. I was also trying to focus mostly on silhouette since that it something that was unclear last week. This is why the design ideas are pretty limited so far. I plan on designing more jackets and layers this week.

So, I chose Iceland as my inspiration, but this was more for the surface design aspects. I decided for my shape details that I really wanted to focus on the division idea more. I achieved this by pairing my knits with my wovens in the same looks and garments. A few of the designs focus on this more literally through the use of panels separating textures from each other.

I also decided to do some market research to help with my silhouette choices. I noticed a lot of very feminine looks, which I was very drawn too. I usually am one to focus on harder silhouettes and thought it would be a great challenge for me and also this collection. Iceland is such a harsh environment so using the landscapes as my surface design inspiration, I thought it would be kind of neat to mesh these kind of haphazard knits with more feminine looks.

I really wanted to focus on my samples for this collection more than I have in my past. I created a few knit samples of my own as well as embroidering some swatches I bought with yarn. The last photo in the above gallery shows all of my samples I have so far (I'm also working on my own jacquard). Starting in the left top corner, I took a rib knit swatch I had and embroidered in the detail with a bulky cotton yarn. Below that Is a sample I made with various different yarn sizes, mostly composed of cotton. To the right, on the bottom, is a linen knit swatch I embroidered in a haphazard pattern with embroidery thread. Above that is a hand knit swatch, using cotton thread as well as a small cream colored embroidery thread, giving it an interesting texture. Lastly, the top right is a regular garter stitch made with a multicolored thread.

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