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Line Up

Here is my line up for my collection. I worked with a few designs from last week, but most are newer silhouettes. Like I said last week, I wanted to focus more on feminine silhouettes since it's not something I usually do. I did this by focusing on a defining waistline, whether with tailoring or with a belt on looser items.

I also tried to focus on my division idea through the use of mixing soft knits with wovens, and also pairing boning with my knits. I want to keep working on these looks to try and make them more cohesive, as well as try some variations in length.

The rendering on my garments is kind of rough and harder to make out in these images. A lot of my fabrics are light and airy, so I think it still fits in with my summer collection. I think for my final figures I want to try playing around with with hand rendering along with digital because even though I love to hand render I think my interesting textures in my knits could really benefits from being digitally rendered.

I've also included a final line up of my fabrics that correspond with what I have drawn above.

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