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Initial Research & Design - Title TBD


This ready-to-wear women's collection is directly inspired by the landscapes of Iceland. It will be a summer collection with transitional pieces focusing heavily on knitwear. Iceland has a very unique landscape, most of which is uninhabited. It has a high level of geothermal activity as it is made from many volcanic hotspots, this  makes for a striking color in the volcanic landscapes. A lot of my inspiration for this collection comes not only in the opposing colors, but also in the opposing landscapes themselves. Hot, bright lava flows are seen cascading down landscapes of stark white. Icy, grey waters are seen crashing on shores of black sand.  Even the country itself is in opposition. Iceland sits on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, which is slowly pulling the halves of the country in opposite directions, as each side sits on a different tectonic plate. I want to work this idea of opposition into my collection, perhaps in the mixing of different yarn sizes, or pairing soft knits with more rigid and structured pieces.


The colors of this collection focus on the natural colors of the Icelandic landscape, from the arctic tundras to the geothermic pools. This opposition of cold and warm colors works well with my theme. Also, by using shades of blues and oranges they still complement each other enough to work with a cohesive collection.

I haven't included any fabrics here because I have not yet received them. I want to work with lighter weight fabrics for this summer collection as well as some medium to heavier weights for bottoms and transitional pieces. I really enjoy hand knitting and will be incorporating that into the knitwear aspect of the collection. Here I have a few samples, I'm not sure if I will be using them or not, but I like the initial idea of them. I need to go buy some more yarn to match with more colors of my collection.


I like the effect of using the different needle sizes in this sample, it makes a cool effect for an edge as well. 


This sample shows the idea of using two different yarn sizes.

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